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Our Services

We offer a range of services in the Philadelphia area and beyond, including:

  • Process serving: Our professional Philadelphia process servers can serve your documents across the region. We also have staff in Delaware and Southern New Jersey as well as a network of independent and experienced process servers across the country. 
  • Subpoena Services: Subpoena services are often served on witnesses and can be very time-sensitive documents. Our subpoena services are specifically designed to address the speedy service required in these cases.
  • Skip Tracing Services: Our experienced staff and databases allow us to locate witnesses, defendants, and other individuals or information critical to your case.
  • Document Procurement Services: Our staff provides personalized attention to your case, ensuring that you get the documents you require. We also offer a copy service for your document needs.
  • Site Verification Services: Our site verification services determine property condition and occupancy.
  • Specialized Courier Services: We provide courier services to medical and legal professionals, keeping the special needs of these clients in mind.
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