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Process Service: Our professional Philadelphia Process Servers can serve your documents across the region. We also have staff in Delaware and Southern New Jersey as well as a network of independent and experienced Process Servers across the country

Subpoena Services: Subpoena services are often served on witnesses and can be very time-sensitive documents. Our subpoena services are specifically designed to address the speedy service required in these cases.

Skip Tracing: Our experienced staff and databases allow us to locate witnesses, defendants, and other individuals or information critical to your case.

Document Procurement Services: Our staff provides personalized attention to your case, ensuring that you get the documents you require. We also offer a copy service for your document needs.

Site Verification Services: Our site verification services determine property condition and occupancy.

Specialized Courier Services: We provide courier services to medical and legal professionals, keeping the special needs of these clients in mind.

About Us

Process Serving Background

Dennis Richman's Services for the Professional, Inc. was established in 1973 by Dennis Richman. Thus, our company has more experience and expertise in the industry than most other local process serving firms. In fact, our Philadelphia Process Servers have an average of 24 years of Process Service experience with us. Our ability to keep up with industry changes and continually streamline processes has earned us a strong reputation among customers for high-quality service.

Why Hire Us

We are experienced professional Process Servers that know your legal documents are important. We will do everything in our power to make Philadelphia service of process easy for you. Our Process Servers are extremely thorough with each assignment, verifying addresses in cases of non-service and filing detailed affidavits of service to provide you with evidence of successful service. If you need papers served on short notice, take advantage of our rush service where we make attempts days, nights and even weekends to get the job done.

Communicative Staff

You’ll always be able to reach us because every phone call goes to a live person instead of voicemail. We offer email and phone follow-up on all assignments and every job is computerized and easily accessible to our trusted staff, so you can always get the most up-to-date status updates.

Process Server Network

Our staff can serve your legal documents in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, across Delaware, and throughout Southern New Jersey. We also have a trusted network of independent Process Servers across the nation so that we can serve all your important documents across the United States. To help you further, Dennis Richman's Services for the Professional, Inc. offers subpoena services, document procurement services, site verification, and skip tracing.

Process Serving Info

Our staff members and Philadelphia Process Servers are often asked these questions about service of process:

What is service of process?

Process Service refers to the serving of documents in a legal case. This ensures that everyone involved in a legal case is alerted to the matter and can take action if needed. For example, if someone is sued, he or she must be served with legal papers to be able to answer the charges in the suit against them. Through Process Service and other means, U.S. law ensures that everyone has a fair chance to appear before court.

How do Process Servers carry out service of process?

Process Service is more complex than many people realize. When a company like Dennis Richman's Services for the Professional, Inc. is contacted by a client who wants documents delivered, our Philadelphia Process Servers need to get the documents and the name and address of the individual. The Process Servers must then try to locate the individual to serve the papers. Then, Process Servers must verify the identity of the recipient and serve them while observing all relevant local laws. Finally, Dennis Richman's Services for the Professional, Inc. provides status updates and a written affidavit of service to clients so they know that their documents have been served. In cases where a recipient tries to evade a Process Server, the server may need to do some investigative work in order to find and serve the individual.

How long does service of process take?

Dennis Richman's Services for the Professional, Inc. offers rush service as well as regular service. Rush service means that your documents are prioritized and sent out at once. However, in these cases, people can still try to avoid getting served and our Philadelphia Process Servers will keep making attempts to ensure your documents get served. Dennis Richman's Services for the Professional, Inc. works days, nights, and even weekends to ensure that your documents are served quickly.

Do you have additional questions about service of process? Call Dennis Richman's Services for the Professional, Inc. to speak to our Process Service specialists.

Process Serving

Dennis Richman's Services for the Professional, Inc. has more than 44 years of process serving experience, ensuring fast and effective service of process in Philadelphia.

Contact our staff at: 215-977-9393

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